AUST-ATL Testing Services

AUST-ATL provide a broad spectrum of testing services ranging from routine to specialized testingto cater to customers’ needs. Our testing services are furnished by qualified and experienced staff.

A comprehensive panel of laboratory testing services for chemicals, nutrients and pharmaceutics are available to ensure good product quality for all stages of development. AUST-ATL serves a large clientele base in various fields.The results of your tests are reproducible and reliable. The reports will help our clients better advance their testing and research endeavors encompassing clinical, molecular, environmental and human identification.

In specific, testing includes clinical analysis, neonatal screening, forensic chemistry & toxicology, drug and toxin screening, food chemistry, environmental and pharmaceutical analysis, genetic diseases, forensic DNA profiling, parentage testing and GMO analysis

It is worth noting that AUST-ATL laboratories are accredited under ISO 17025:2005 standardsand are currently in the process of acquiring Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)*.


Kindly contact the training & testing coordinator for specific requests at info@aust-atl.com.


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